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  Market Pirates is a weekly newsletter on Swing trading stocks, ETF's, and options on stocks and ETFs.

We are experienced traders. Our experience in trading goes back to 1999 and includes Floor Trader experience in the New York commodities pits. Nice people like you have been taken advantage of by the financial industry for decades. It's time you got the investment returns that the professionals get.

Our work does have expenses, which we ask you to help out with through subscription dues. We do not hold formal classes in trading but you will probably learn a lot more about trading while trading with us.

MarketPirates.net is a Limited Liability Corporation.

  Our primary trading philisophy is that markets are moved by supply and demand, not by traditional valuation.

Cheap stocks are undervalued because they do not have enough buyers. In classic investing you buy undervalued stocks because you think the market has made a mistake in pricing it and some day it will discover its mistake. Whe the mistake is discovered then the stock will rise in price. We believe that when money flows into a stock then it will go up, its as simple as that.

We look at various factors to identify good trading opportunities: Trends, Support/Resistance, Short Interest, and various other measurements to find our opportunities.

About 75% of our trades are based on the direction of the overall market. As such we often trade ETF's like SPY and IWM.

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